Friday, February 25, 2011

The David Boyle / Donald Rumsfeld Letters

The preamble here is this interview Donald Rumsfeld did with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. It's far less awkward than this other interview Rumsfeld did on the radio with comedian Louis C.K.

I don't think Donald Rumsfeld is a lizard. However, I do know based on my own experiences in government communications in 2001 that he is a baldfaced liar whose utter contempt for the public smokes off him like a cinder jacket.

In his Twitter feed, alluding to the interview with Stewart, he wrote:

My goodness! Watch the full unedited @thedailyshow interview online:

So today, I thought I'd see if he wanted to have a conversation. I sent him the following tweets:

@RumsfeldOffice My goodness! That's quite an interview! At least he stopped short of asking you if you were a lizard.

@RumsfeldOffice You're going to face the void soon with a lifetime of evil and contempt behind you. My goodness!

I'm currently waiting on a reply. Meanwhile, I'd encourage you all to take the time to personally thank this soulless fucking lizard for playing his part in squandering your children's future. Thanks to Rob Sheridan for pointing me at this.

Update: Rumsfeld posted the following comment to his Twitter feed within about 30 minutes of my attempts at communicating with him.

What a past few weeks! Thank you twitter followers – I appreciate reading all your kind comments.

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