Friday, April 27, 2012

Inside 9/11

My name is David. This is my testimony, which I do swear before all the Powers That Be is the solemn truth, to the best of my ability to relate it.

Know I am a Canadian citizen and I have lived most of my life in Ottawa, Ontario, the nation's capital.

Know that my father, and his father before him, were career civil servants who served this country with passion, patriotism, and sincere devotion to the public good.

Know that in 2000-2001 I was employed at a supervisory level at a media monitoring firm contracted to National Defense, The Office of the Prime Minister (PMO), The Treasury Board, and other government clients as well as numerous corporate clients. I had a birds-eye view of the nightly news across Canada. I had stumbled into this job by accident at a time when the company was in some upheaval. I did not hold a security clearance of any kind.

Know that at that time I had been friends for six years with several fellows from the Maryland area of the United States. One of them had obtained a doctorate degree in history and had gone to work at the Pentagon as a strategic planner. We shall call him “Frank”. Because we both worked odd hours at stressful jobs, we stayed in near constant communication over the internet during the 2000-2001 period. It is possible that this friend assumed I had a security clearance of some sort to be doing the work I was doing. After swearing me to secrecy, he imparted some information to me, which I will relate to you.

Know that I have kept these secrets for more than ten years, mostly out of a sense of obligation to my friend, partly because of stunned disbelief on my own part, and partly out of regard for my own well-being. I am changing my mind about this now because I have very recently reconsidered my philosophical position on life, the universe, and everything, and I feel that I have an obligation to speak up and say what I know, regardless of what promises my younger self might have made.

This is a record of my observations and experiences in those days.

Know that in 2000, a few weeks after George W Bush won the election, Frank very excitedly related to me that they had "a whole new strategy" coming in. He told me that plans were being drawn up to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, and one other nation which he could not name.

He said that "all options were on the table" and that nuclear airbursts as a ground-clearing measure had been openly discussed.

Under the strictest confidence, he indicated that "invisibility cloak" prototypes were going to be used for special forces operations.

When asked about the morality of such a project, he claimed to be a dedicated absolutist who knew that might was the only right in human affairs.

When asked how this strategy would be sold to the public, he indicated that I would understand everything perfectly in August of 2001.

Shortly thereafter, I covered a news item for the Treasury Board. George Bush had met with Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve. George was clapping Alan on the back and mugging for the cameras. Alan looked like he had just swallowed something very unpleasant. Two days later, the Fed hiked interest rates sharply, citing the need to let some air out of the economy, stating that the red-hot market would not survive the sudden blow of a terrorist attack.

Two months later, the dot-com crash was well underway.

In the weeks leading up to September 11, 2001, Frank was very very busy, but made a point of checking in every morning at approximately 4 am EST to say hello.

On the morning of September 11, he was not online.

After going home around 5:00 am, I went to sleep. I was awakened by a phone call from the office manager at about 10:30 the following morning, and returned to the office to cover the unfolding events of that day.

With some desperation, I looked to see if Frank was safe. He logged on in the early evening of September 12 to assure me and our small online community that he was well, although he regretted that his office had become a smoldering ruin. When pushed, he indicated that he had been off-site conducting "war games" at the time of the attack.

When asked directly if this cataclysm had been the event he had indicated would happen, he directly answered in the negative, and emphasized that he could never knowingly be a part of such a thing.

I pointed out to him that actually, yeah he probably could.

He never spoke to me again, and I have lost touch with him.

In my capacity as a media monitor, I found a story in the (I think) October 21 international edition of Time Magazine about the attacks. The official reason given by The White House to Time Magazine for the failure of air defenses around the Pentagon is that war games were being conducted in an off-site bunker that morning. The war games were a simulation of an attack on the twin towers of the WTC by hijacked airliners.

According to the White House, the actual terrorist attack was "piggy-backed" on the virtual terrorist attack. This is the reason why the SAM batteries that protect the Pentagon failed to work.

I would like to make a few other quick observations based on things that stood out at me in the course of my regular work. In the days following 9/11, Pakistan refused to allow America access to its borders. In quick succession over a few days, Canadian news reported the mysterious deaths of Pakistani embassy workers in three countries: one in South Africa, one in Chile, and one in Ottawa, where I was living and working. The death in Ottawa occurred two blocks from my office, in the following manner; the embassy worker was hit from opposite directions by two cars simultaneously at a busy intersection. Both cars were driving at high speed. His death was ruled an accident. The next day, Pakistan agreed to allow America access to its borders.

I also distinctly remember covering this story: although America had just been attacked, Congress was nearly empty on the day that emergency powers were approved for the President... for the most part, the members of Congress were on vacation at the time. This is how The Patriot Act was passed into law.

Covered for the PMO by another supervisor in our office: several regional newspapers ran strange stories to dispel insistent rumours that this was simply the latest chapter in an ancient war between the Assassins and the Freemasons. This peculiar theory was also soundly ridiculed on a very special episode of "The West Wing" which aired shortly after the attacks. I never knew what to make of that, but I know that it seemed strange that The West Wing would be going out of its way to dismiss a theory that nobody I knew was seriously entertaining at the time.

I swear that everything I have said here is the truth to the best of my knowledge.

A few personal reflections, if I might:

First of all, please know that having experienced all these things first hand, I still more or less doubted my own faculties for the first three years after the event. I didn't wish to become "one of them"... suspicious, paranoid, jumping at shadows. That's how powerful the official story is; even when there are holes in it big enough that a child pick it apart, our desire to believe in the rightness of our way of life will always bias us toward ignoring the information we don't want to process. Well, I should speak only for myself here, I guess.

I should also mention that I did keep some notes, and that I had a geocities website which I updated with news stories as a hobby. Although I had not committed to a narrative, I did express doubts about the veracity of the official story. Shortly after the attacks, the website was taken down. I received one "spook" call about an unrelated issue, and around the same time my mailbox was broken into. I backed off.

I only really made up my mind that this was all a set-up during the early days of the Iraq war. I distinctly recall watching Rumsfeld in a press briefing, explaining with some exasperation to a stubborn reporter that the plans for invading Iraq had been on the shelf until late in 2002. Something clicked with me. Yep! They've been lying all along!

Keeping this information secret has been costly for me spiritually. Soon after these events, I lost all faith in humans, believing them to be stupid, hollow, and deserving of their fates. I sank into a life of hedonism and did my very best to poison myself into an early grave. I do not intend to be overly histrionic here, but these events affected me very deeply. Particularly upsetting to me was that it seemed like people were doing their math very poorly if they accepted without question that two airplanes could knock down three buildings.

I have since reconsidered this position. Humans are not stupid. Americans are not feeble by nature. My feeling is that what is happening here is that we are under hypnosis. Our brains are editing out the information that we cannot bear to think about. Thus, we can believe that two equals three, and this is not a problem for us.

If I had to guess, I would say that we are under hypnosis because we spend several hours a day staring at a flickering hypnosis machine and listening to hypnotic suggestions from paid liars who speak with a hypnotic cadence.

I am telling you now that anyone with even basic training in reasoning will find huge problems with the narrative we were given to accept by the government and the media in the days following September 11, 2001.

But because your subconscious is so powerful, you probably already know this. That is why you are waking up now. The whole time you have been reading this message, you have been feeling a tickle of awakening, and now perhaps you are ready to snap to and experience the first moment of clean consciousness in quite a while.

My feeling on the matter is that the American government, or elements therein, murdered 2000 or more American citizens, an offering to a dark god, to launch the campaign of terror that is culminating now.

So, if I had a chance to address the people of America, it would be to tell them that their government is lying to them, the news is lying to them, and their protectors are lying to them. Everything they are being told about their place in the world is a lie from a pack of lying liars who are lying with every breath they can muster to keep the electorate asleep while the military pursues geostrategic objectives. The organization that orchestrated these events will murder anyone, and their family too, without hesitation, because they are egotists who think of the electorate as less than a piece of shit to be scraped off the heel of their schemes.  Possibly they justify this as being “for the greater good”.

These wars must stop immediately.

I cannot for the moment decide with certainty if Obama is ineffectual, or if he is actually sold on seeing this madness through to the end. I will tell you that if he is re-elected in 2012, he will not repeal the Patriot Act, disband Homeland Security, or bring an end to the endless warfare. I hope Americans consider voting for Ron Paul in 2012. However strongly I disagree with him on many things, his desire to see this come to a stop, as well as his intellectual honesty and real engagement of the issues, merits the highest consideration.

It's probably already far too late, but if there is one last chance for that nation to repair its current system instead of just starting a new one, I think this is it.

I'm sorry to all of you that I waited so long to speak up.

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