Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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I've decided to continue blogging conspiracy theory stuff. Why not? It's fun.

I've spent the last few weeks researching some of the most far-out assertions and claims I could find, and what I've discovered in doing so is a rich tapestry of material that is either a) disturbing evidence that the universe is way more fucked up than you think or b) a testament to the fertility, depth, and profound weirdness of the human mind.

So, today, let's see what people are saying about UFOS and ETs on Youtube. I've aggregated some links for you to check out.

Here's Buzz Aldrin saying that a UFO followed Apollo 11 to the moon.

Here's Buzz Aldrin saying there's a monolith on Mars.

Here's Dr. Edgar Mitchell saying the government has documents to prove that we're not alone.

Here's Mitchell at home going into a bit more detail in asserting a cover-up of alien contact going back to the Area 51 incident.

While some assert that Mitchell is a loon who has lost it, I would just like to state for the record at this point that I have neither a doctorate degree, nor photos of myself walking in space on my wall, so I am willing to accept his testimony as credible. He seems to be pretty lucid in both of those videos.

Here's Gordon Cooper talking about his encounters with 'a vast armada' of UFOs while on duty as an air force pilot.

Here's Neil Armstrong, a recluse who at one point was the most famous man on the planet, sobbing as he confesses to children that they will have to remove truth's protective layers in the process of discovering new things. Weird, right?

Here's a former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer eloquently telling a crowd that the government is covering up evidence of UFOs and ET contact.

Here's the Mexican military going public with video footage of UFOs.

Here are 14 men from high levels of government and the military asking for more information on UFOs.

Here is Michio Kaku endorsing a book about senior military officials who have gone on record saying that they are baffled by the UFO phenomenon. The book is called UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials On The Record. Dr, Kaku says this is as close as you are going to get to a smoking gun.

Here's the author of the book, Leslie Kean, on the Stephen Colbert show. Leslie is an investigative journalist, as difficult as it is to believe that such a thing exists in this day and age. She mentions spending ten years researching her book. Wow.

A nod to the skeptics: Here's Bill Nye the Science Guy in his capacity as a member of the Skeptic's Society getting destroyed by former air force officer Bob Jacobs on Larry King Live. Notice Bill loses his shit early on and bases his approach to the material on a straw man argument (he attempts to argue against an assertion none of them have made). Reasoning skills 101 nono. His points are otherwise not bad, but he also insults the intelligence and skirts very close to impugning the honesty of the people in the room with him. A good lesson in how not to go about being a skeptic.

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