Sunday, January 6, 2013

Massive Weirdness Worldwide

This isn't a complete listing of the weirdness that's been happening of late, or an in-depth look at the phenomenon. I am aiming only to keep information available and to note that it seems to me a rational mind would seek some sort of explanation that would help make sense of this.

There are a lot of "weird lights in the sky" stories that could be added to this list, but for the time being I'm steering clear of 'UFO' territory here because people's brains tend to turn off when anyone goes near that particular subject.

SEPT 2011: Mysterious Booming Sounds



March 13: 600,000 mile tall triangular coronal hole visible on surface of sun


Sept 2012: Mass deaths of fish and birds, lake Erie

Sept 2012: Sleepless in Seattle

NOV 26: Unexplained explosions in Salem

DEC 4: Barrington, Rhode Island

DEC 5: Cottonwood, Arizona

DEC 5: Altadena, California

DEC 5: Texoma--  KTEN has had hundreds of reports of loud explosions and the ground shaking in seven counties from north Texas to southern Oklahoma.
Ah, so Lockheed Martin is just testing its supersonic aircraft over populated centers. Case closed.

DEC 6: Power line poles catch fire across Texas:

DEC 8: Massive Fireball over Texas

DEC 11: Rhode Island,77474?category_id=4&town_id=1&sub_type=stories

DEC 6: Columbia county, Georgia

DEC 12: Columbia county, Georgia

DEC 12: Verde booms "heard around the world"

DEC 11: Leicester, England

DEC 20: South Carolina 

DEC 22: Cambria, California, Geophysicist says it's like nothing he's ever heard


JAN 03: Lexington County, South Carolina

Guthrie, Oklahoma

JAN 04: Anchorage, Alaska,0,6051193.story

JAN 06: Salem, Massachusetts

JAN 08: Evansville, Indiana

JAN 08: Utah to Wyoming

JAN 09: The Air Force takes responsibility in Utah

JAN 07: and back to Lexington SC again, where the problem is ongoing

JAN 09: North Hollywood

JAN 09: Tristate Area

JAN 10: More reports in the last 24 hours, from SW Indiana, through to Kentucky:

"lights and strange explosions"

Meanwhile, the air force is still taking responsibility for the noises heard in Utah:

Case closed, go back to bed Utah!

JAN 11: the booms continue in Evansville:

JAN 11: Dead birds and fish

JAN 13: Booms in Jamestown, NY

Explosion sounds in Ohio

Arlington Hights, Illinois

JAN 15: Dead birds and fish

JAN 15: Strange trumpeting howls heard Switzerland, same time as last year:


JAN 16: Lights in the sky, green flashes, Manitoba

Series of booms in Pascougala, Mississippi

JAN 17: Booms in Gorham, NY

JAN 18: Mass Squid Deaths, California

Dolphins, Fish, Pelicans dying en masse in Peru

Mass Fish Deaths:

Sarasota, Florida

South Carolina

JAN 18: Fireball lights up California Sky

JAN 23: Great falls, Montana: Mysterious booms

JAN 25: Fireballs over Japan

JAN 28: More fireballs in Canada

JAN 28: Corbin, Kentucky: mysterious booms

 JAN 28: Roanoke, North Carolina fireball,0,2997433.story

JAN 30: Two mass fish deaths in North Carolina

JAN 30: Wrexham, North Wales fireball

Jan 30: Omaha manhole fireball mystery

Jan 30: Mass fish deaths, Sydney, Australia

A YouTuber has a theory:

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