Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some reading about methane

I've been somewhat interested in tracking climate change news lately.

One of these days I will be writing some boilerplate disclaimers for use online, and on this blog. Meantime, I will repeat, briefly, that my intention in offering this information is simply to offer information, and keep it available... for my own benefit, and for that of anyone else who happens along here.

I am making no assertions.

I don't think the world is ending. (Not in any traditional sense, anyways)

I think that information exists, and can speak for itself, sometimes in ways that are misleading.


A New York Times article about how the Triassic mass extinction is being blamed on methane gas:

A ScienceDaily article on the same topic:

An Arctic News blog piece writing titled: 

Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm 

Climate Change: Arctic shelf leaking potent Greenhouse Gas:

North Sea Gas Leak: Experts Assess Climate Impact of Ongoing Accident:

Bridge To Nowhere? NOAA Confirms High Methane Leakage Rate Up To 9% From Gas Fields, Gutting Climate Benefit

LiveScience: 40 Seafloor Gas Seeps found off US East Coast:

Officials: Increased seismic activity below giant sinkhole — Cracks developing on pad nearby — Another ‘burp’ this morning — State Police helicopter on-scene

Actual video footage of methane bubbling out of a giant sinkhole in Louisiana

Not directly related, perhaps, but still concerning:

CBC News: CO2 levels threaten marine food chain, study says

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