Monday, January 10, 2011

15 must-see websites about Felicia Day

So, it occurs to me that Felicia Day is actually Shiva the destroyer, a harbinger of the apocalypse.

If you don't know who Felicia Day is, suffice to say that she's a smart, cute, neurotic actress who has practically defined the phrase 'famous on the internet' by placing herself at the center of the apotheosis of geek culture into the monster it is today. She is the quintessential somewhat-hot girl at the Farscape convention.

Her signature work is on the webseries The Guild, which is about a bunch of people who have willingly become precursors to the battery-pod slaves in The Matrix. These people play World of Warcraft all day. They waste their lives and they fucking love it, revel in it, celebrate it.

Which, you know, is sort of the only logical thing to be doing when you really start to look at how things are going.

The bees are dying. Just think about that. Fuck!

The bees are dying.

No more bees. No more honey.

Or flowers.

Or food chain.


I mean, you know, I am in danger of edging into 'rhetoric' mode again here, but how is it that anyone who even understands what 'ecology' means isn't either be rioting in the streets, putting a gun to their childrens' heads, or getting themselves fixed and settling in to a nice, involving time vampire of a game that will just feed signals to the pleasure center of their brains until it's lights-out time? Game on.

Look at that temptress. Come to your doom. Come fade away.

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