Sunday, January 9, 2011

7 Things About Sarah Palin That Science Can't Explain

A few thoughts as we enter a new decade with smoke rising on the horizon.

1.> I would like to encourage Americans in the future to try to be more respectful, less shooty, and less prone to rhetoric in their politicking. This is important to keep in mind as the Chinese take over, the seas rise, the farmlands dry up, the oil and water shortages begin, and the Wal-Marts become landfills.

2.> I think it's great that people are surprised that the lowered standard of living in The United States has resulted in a hick uprising. It's almost as if liberal idealism was a privilege afforded to the comfortably affluent, and not the natural endgame of evolution. Well, at least I get to be a bit smug about having a history degree. We could have seen this coming, guys. And I would guess that this isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

3.> The 9-year-old who was shot dead at the Giffords event was featured in the book “Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11." This is tragic, if sort of startling in its grim irony to those of us who feel we gave up hope on 9/11 (you remember, when two airplanes knocked down three buildings in violation of the laws of physics or common sense?). Yes, the zealots have been running things into the ground since then (up here in Canada as well, lately). To be frank, the apathy and high-minded invincible ignorance of the moderately educated liberal left is at least equally responsible for getting America where it is today. It's not that people are getting shot, it's that the bullets weren't aimed at George Bush 9 years ago.

4.> Democracy has clearly failed, as it auto-corrects against any attempt at long-term planning and thus cannot meet the needs of a society in ecological escape. Totalitarianism seems like the lesser of two evils when considered against extinction, and is probably a humane alternative when compared to the massive die-off that we are hurtling blindly towards right now. I know socially liberal people will find the thought repulsive, and I would agree, but I can only submit that any putative future historians will look back on us as a people dedicated to ignoring reality and the mandate of physics.

5.> I struggle to express myself here in a way that isn't meaninglessly rhetorical. I'm not even sure what I feel or think these days. I think that maybe I think the death of the 9 year old girl could have been avoided, but people (the smart ones, I mean) need to do more than tsk tsk about it... they need to rethink some deeply-ingrained assumptions. Maybe I think all the tut-tutting being done now is sort of like an 800 pound man at the buffet table announcing that he's going to eat a salad for his 5th plate of food.

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