Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 ways Weird Al, Seth Green, Clare Grant, or membership in TeamUnicornFTW could help you survive a zombie outbreak

This is going to require some explaining, but I'll try to get to the good part quickly.

I've been putting myself out there. I'm trying to get a feel for the Feng Shui of life. I'm cool, I want people to notice it.

In some peripheral way, I managed to involve myself in a performance art stunt by Weird Al Yankovic, Seth Green, and Clare Grant, whose TeamUnicornFTW project has produced some of the best celebratory (if self-referential) geek culture memes in the past two years.

The stunt itself involved a number of photographs being posted to the Twitter feeds of the participants showing them in various states of... uh... trying on lipstick, throwing up skittles, and attacking each other with weapons. I can't explain it better than that... you either 'get' the joke, or you don't.

For whatever reason, it struck me that it would be an interesting thing to do to re-frame some of the images as cards for the game Magic The Gathering (at least a couple of the participants are fans of the game. How do I know this? I'm lame.)

Then I posted some of the resulting images to my Twitter feed using some of the same addresses and hashtags to bring it to the attention of the right people.

Clare Grant got back to me scant minutes later with this message:

"@boylegd Wow. These are all Amazing. Thank you SO much!!!"


It's like I touched the hem of Weird Al's robes. Biggest thing to happen to me today.

UPDATE: Rileah Vanderbilt (on the right hand side of the Fuck, Yeah card shown above) has also been saying nice things. Clare, Rileah, you girls really put the awe in awesome, thanks for taking a look!

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