Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 ballsy pranks involving G20 that failed miserably

I watched a police cruiser burn in downtown Toronto. I watched it on a wall-mounted flatscreen television in an Ottawa McDonald's. It seemed appropriate, like coming full-circle somehow in my own little Adbusters dramalogue. Mmmm. Cheeseburgers.

So far as the G20 summit itself is concerned, so far, so good. There's a well-organized group of vandals running around Toronto smashing store windows and fighting with police. They dress in black and pull crowd fades. The security teams are welding shut manhole covers.

Heh heh heh. "Manhole."

I'm sort of conflicted about this.

Part of me thinks these people are dinks. Actually, they're not as bad as that guy who was bitching two days ago that a policeman ran over his foot with a bicycle, but come on, this shit is not cool, right? Busting up store windows is ruining the lives of nice people with families, that's wrong. Anarchy and chaos really don't belong in a nice place like Canada. Shame on you, faceless violent hordes.

Part of me wishes I was in there blowing shit up. This may have to do with anger issues stemming from my childhood. It might have to do with how frustrated I am by my perception that this is humanity's twilight and none of us have even looked up from our cheeseburgers and television sets long enough to notice or get angry about it.

I continue to maintain that the main reason we are not out in the streets in full force bombing things and burning down buildings is that we don't understand what's at stake or what our leaders are really up to.

"The G20 Summit: Printing receipts for your child's wasted future."

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