Monday, June 21, 2010

Acting out.

On the one hand, I think that love is fine. I support empathy and compassion and social welfare. I was taught by hippie women to cry when I had to, to be soft and gentle. I am a big, cuddly pussy, and happy to be one, by and large.

Then again, I've got kind of a dark side, and I tend to think of the world, the real world, as one where hard choices face us, change comes with a cost that must be payed in blood, and the universe could just up and drop a big fucking rock on you without giving notice.

I'm a bit of a doomsday nut, I guess. I don't know where humanity went wrong... was it agriculture that was the big mistake? The industrial revolution? The institution of Christian mercy?

Consider the ongoing suffering and misery in Iraq. It's apparently not the easiest thing in the world to conquer a country. While I can't say for sure that it would be a better way to go, it sometimes occurs to me that the tried-and-true method of killing two thirds of the conquered people and putting the rest into chains seems to have a pretty long legacy of solving problems like that. Maybe if we're not willing to do that shit we shouldn't be going to war in the first place... it's a bit like a rapist just getting his dick in there and then looking at his watch for a while... unclear on the concept, perhaps?

Just like the unpleasant truth is that slavery builds pyramids (*warning: at least one reader has called bullshit on this "fact". This obviously invalidates the entire thrust of my argument. Please disregard.) and gets shit done, violence does solve problems.

American democracy owes a lot to a man named Thomas Jefferson who once said something about the tree of liberty needing to be washed from time to time in the blood of patriots and tyrants. To paraphrase, democracy functions well when you kill all the bastards every thirty years or so.

Compare that to today's democracy, wherein we sit around waiting for permission from the IQ 90 crowd before we're allowed to do something about that approaching doomsday asteroid... after all, they need a chance to make sure it's not Jesus coming back.

George Bush steals the election and his car gets egged. His car! Sorry to say this, but in any sane world the fucking White House would have been burnt to the ground.

Someone should film a Zombie flick that's just two hours of people in their undershirts watching CNN.

And so, now we have the BP oil spill, and we haven't tried filling it with the severed heads of BP oil executives... why? Because they're sorry? Because they're trying to fix it? The BP CEO went on a yacht race today. He came in fourth.

If the US government isn't going to send Jason Bourne to put a bullet in his goddamn head, what sort of crime actually merits having black ops assassins on the government payrole in the first place?

Maybe the CIA and the EPA should be merged and just given a shoot-on-sight mandate to clean up the GOP and the energy industry.

Short of advocating general strikes, riots, anarchy, and bedlam, all I can say is that if we don't mobilize as a society the way we did back in WW2... well, that was a different society. They weren't braindead from eating red M&Ms and having their skulls microwaved by television sets.

We're all pussies, I guess.


  1. Laughed outloud at least five times, which may not be your goal. Not my fault.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Entertaining people is the best way to communicate with them, so yeah, it sounds like I'm on target.