Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Ten Secrets of God

"Oh blah blah blah, the universe is just a bunch of molecules and I'm so much smarter than Einstein, I have the whooole cosmos figured out and I freely dismiss philosophy, ontology, myth, metaphysics and psychology as 'religious'."

Recovering Christians are the worst. Sorry your parents lied to you. Get over it and open your eyes, there's room for actual mystery and apprehension in a sane world of math and biology and physics.

For that matter, look into trivalent logic. The universe isn't all comprised of yesses and nos. If I had to give my opinion about whether nature had a divine dimension I'd probably be able to answer both "yes, of course it does" and "no, of course it doesn't", and mean what I said either way. Great truths are beyond yes and no, and once you free yourself of the cognitive dissonance you create by imprisoning your sense of what's possible, you may find yourself surprised by what you start noticing.

People with both feet rooted firmly in the ground are rarely worth talking to.

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