Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ok, let's turn sharply to the left...

The human race, it seems to me, is stampeding towards extinction. There's a pretty big cliff up ahead and we're going to charge right off it. We probably won't even notice that we've stopped stampeding as the ground rushes up to meet our hard little heads.

There's no way we can just go back to living in small, agrarian townships in harmony and oneness with the Earth. Not at this point. I admire people who do this and expect to lead by example, but come on, have you been to Asia? It's a termite mound.

Jumping in front of the stampeding herd and screaming 'STOP' isn't going to accomplish much.

If we are going to change course, even a little bit, someone has to get running alongside the rest of the stampeding beasts and signal a change of direction.

Sometimes I think that's what Obama's doing. I'll come back to him some other time.

Charlie Jane Anders is a super-duper writer working for the website. Really enjoy everything she does. Except her LOST reviews, but we're past that. Anyways, I was pretty inspired by this recent article of hers, and I suggest you teeming masses all go and read it.

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