Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello, and welcome.

This blog will be about the world, the future, and your children. From time to time it will be about other things that I find interesting. My goal is to provide new and old material to a wider audience than the seven or eight people for whom I have been writing up until now.

Be warned that I am a bit crass and I don't really like to pull punches when discussing an issue I care deeply about.

Here's what I believe today:

1: Reality is binary, yin and yang. Ever notice that the 1 and 0 look like a penis and vagina? That's why when you have sex, it feels like falling through the bottom of the universe.

2: We're all here to help each other through this thing, whatever it is. My sister said that.

3: 45% of Americans don't understand that the sun is a star.

4: I know that I know nothing. Everything I say is a lie. Nothing is true. All things should be practiced in moderation, especially moderation!

5: Humankind is doomed. I mean, maybe we'll become enlightened zen gardeners and embrace a new way of living, and maybe our space masters will come down to reveal that it's all a big experiment, and maybe Jesus will beam us all up to the heavenly mothership, but otherwise I'd have to say you're just wasting your time raising children in a world this fucked up.

6: Advertising is a big electronic dick forcefully jammed into the asshole of our minds repeatedly and violently. We should try to conceal or squeals of pleasure while being violated in such a manner.

7: The 9/11 attacks on the WTC: Two airplanes destroyed three buildings. Two airplanes destroyed three buildings. Two airplanes destroyed three buildings. See? Repetition works.

More to come.

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  1. Hi Dave. Glad to see this up and running. I've never had much luck directing traffic to my Blogger account(s) but then again I never really tried. Every one of your operating principles are utterly sound and the more I learn about Life, Physics and everytihing else the more the Yin Yang thing hits home. Anyways, I look forward.